Week 7 11/12/15

The scroll marked II is amazing, it makes me feel like I am gaining control of myself, and my emotions.  That’s a huge part of what we are doing here, right.

At the beginning of this scroll I wrote “I walk tall among men”, (Mark J.’s direction) to keep me reminded of the previous scroll, and it works wonders.  Just a small reminder and it all comes back, the subby certainly remembers.  It keeps getting better.


Week 6

Feeling really good about the process of growth.  My health has been a challenge the past

few days, but I am feeling really confident with my objectives.  The DMP and the elements feel like they are coming together.  The weekly lessons are making more sense, and I am reviewing them more often during the week, to feel more certain that I am “getting it”.

Week 4 Blog 10/21/15

Some things  feel new, other feel like they should be happening, but I have had several fun experiences in my business this week.  Several new clients have come to me and an old contact volunteered that she is ready to become a client after nearly six months.

I am enjoying the experience of feeling I can get better control of my thoughts and my attitude, it feels empowering.

Week 3 10/12/15

This week is already amazing and it’s just getting started.  I am starting to see and understand the connections in all we doing.  Reading and learning from the Scrolls helps me to better understand the meanings of the daily lessons.  Looking forward to the other “eye opening” experiences that are surely in store.

My MKMMMA experience

Week 2 is really good, I feel like I am starting to “get it”.  The daily routine of reading, learning and

reviewing the materials is fun, I look forward to it every day.  I think I am getting the concept of the DMP, now that I have revised it with the help of my coach.  I am excited about the journey moving forward.

Week One MKMMA experience – 9/29/15

My first week’s experience was eye opening.  I am not very skilled with the technology so to tools we use are really unique for me.  Learning how to blog will be all new, but I am looking forward to interacting with the group.

I will need help with writing my DMP, so I am waiting for the help/assistance that is coming.  No doubt working with someone who has had the experience of a previous master mind will be great.